Champagne Logistics

Employee Handbook

A Handbook for Champagne Logistics Employees

I have received a copy of the Champagne Logistics Employee Handbook. I realize it is my responsibility to familiarize myself with its contents. I understand that the contents of this handbook summarize current policies of the company, that they are intended as guidelines only, and that these policies may be amended at any time. I further understand that the contents of the handbook do not constitute the terms of a contract of employment and that nothing contained in this handbook can be construed as a guarantee of continued employment. I understand that employment with the company is on an at-will basis, which means that either the company or I, with or without reason, may terminate the employment relationship at any time. I understand that my manager or Human Resources representative will answer any questions I have about this handbook.

Employee Name (printed): ________________________________

Employee Signature: ____________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________

Please sign the employee acknowledgement form and return to your location supervisor or Human Resources representative.

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